Das Wundertheater CD 2006

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Das Wundertheater

Oper in einem Akt

Hans Werner Henze (*1926) nach einem Intermezzo von Miguel Cervantes (1964) Sängerensemble und Chor des Theaters Osnabrück Osnabrücker Symphonieorchester Hermann Bäumer CD: Ars Produktion mit Ricardo Tamura, Kristine Larissa Funkhauser, Rüdiger Nikodem Lasa, Ralph Ertel. Christoph Nagler, Iris Marie Kotzian, Ricardo Viviani, George Gagnidze, Jeanine Hirzel, Benjamin Bruns, Ronald Funke.
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Das Glück liegt im Westen

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Neues aus der Welt von Karl MayTheater Heilbronn Foto: Theater

Das Theater Heilbronn präsentiert ein Stück über den Klischee-Mann des Wilden Westens in der Tradition von John Wayne und Lucky Luke: Der einsame Cowboy auf der Suche nach Abenteuer, Gefahr und Selbstverwirklichung. Inszenierung von Frank Düwel, Musikalische Leitung Nicolas Kemmer, Choreografie Ricardo Viviani.

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brazine.de 2005

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para alemão ver

cover brazine“Na boquinha da garrafa”, famosa dança do grupo baiano Cia do Pagode, ganhou outros palcos. Faz parte da peça The Wild Party, coreografada pelo paulistano Ricardo Viviani, em cartaz no teatro de Heilbronn. Em uma cena do espetáculo, os atores botam pra quebrar. E a casa fica lotada. Luciana Rangel com Patricia Messina Source: brazine.de
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dutchess community college 2005

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National Dance Week Events

April 28 through April 30

The spring concert represents a culmination of two semesters of work by students in the Performance and Applied Dance class. The program, which will feature approximately 30 DCC students, includes modern dance choreography by Zanchetti and guest choreographers Julie Manna and Ricardo Viviani

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a student report 2004

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Alex Chalyy: Ricardo Viviani

Dancing was part of him.

One could see that Ricardo did not just dance. Everything that he did was carefully thought out and designed as being fun for the students in the class. He knew when and where to stop and how to better explain moves to the class when everyone had trouble with it. He was also not boring. He showed that dancing was acting as much as a physical activity. He encouraged us to get involved emotionally into pieces and really be in the piece. Overall, I thought that Ricardo Viviani was a great dance teacher. He really liked what he was doing. His passion toward dancing was contagious. He made everybody like dancing. He was extremely professional. He also had a good easy going dancing style.

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Runner Number 5: I met Georg here in Cologne. He helped me put together a project that meant a great deal to me. His friendship was like the presence of an angel. He would appear when I needed him, help with my chores and then drift away when my mind would sink into that lonely place where creativity springs. He also looked like an angel: with his long, waving blond hair, flowing white shirt, his gestures were precise and efficient. It was a very reassuring presence. It's been more than ten years since I've seen him. Sometimes I wonder if he was truly real, so I look at the photographs. They are the proof of his material self. Ricardo

photos rv

Blast Theory's Can You See Me Now? 2004

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