queens winter 2006 Ricardo Viviani
Von-der-Str. 15
42115 Wuppertal - Germany

voicemail: USA +1(646) 833 8753
email: contact(a) – replace (a) with @
skype: rviviani

just for fun: travelling in 2006

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3 Responses to Contact

  1. Hi – great to see the excellent use of our Anvil theme. And thank you for the link the footer.

    Good luck! There’s more to come from us in the future…


  2. ricardo says:

    Thank you Dave. It was good as long as it lasted. Now Andrew Powers, is the designer of this editon.

  3. Kiko Jaess says:

    Olá, Ricardo…quanto tempo querido, perdi seu contato, gostaria de falar com você e matar as saudades daqueles bons tempos. Responde no email do meu amigo porque não sou muito bom de internet, Grande abraço.

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