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Sinus Studie 2009

On 24 Jul 2010, in blog, by ricardo

still from quaadriduuoThe Power of Statistics

Published in April 2010 by Land NRW - Abteilung Kultur, this is a study by Sinus Sociovision GmbH of the social positioning of immigrants in Germany today. It features a large amount of pictures of the production QuaaDriDuuo, even thou it doesn't talk about it at all. It intends to be free from preconceptions and cliches. The study delivers a great amount graphical statistics making it a basic instrument for decision making. It has a strong focus on the cultural production of immigrants in Germany or as the officially correct term defines: „Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund“ *. It can be downloaded as a PDF file: Sinus-Studie_2009.pdf 6.6Mb. * The European concept 'nationality' is very different from the one in the American continent. The German language Wikipedia entry for the word Migrationshintergrund is elucidating and also makes for an amusing read defining the term 'Biodeutsch' as an antonym to immigrants.
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On 19 May 2008, in blog, dancehacker, by ricardo
dance-tech.net, the former discussion group for dance and technology, had a major makeover and now is a social networking website thanks to Marlon Barrios Solano. Check it out. Visit dance-tech.net Go to dance-tech.net
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qr cellphone readers

On 08 May 2008, in blog, dancehacker, by ricardo
What are QR Codes? QR=’Quick Response’ The hottest mobile trend in Japan right now comes in the form of these funky little two dimensional patterned barcodes. They are QR codes. They are capable of holding an entire message encoded within them whether that message be plain text, a web URL or a SMS ready to send. Here’s an example of what a QR code looks like. This QR code has the encoded URL of http://ricardoviviani.com: The great thing about a QR code is that modern consumer camera phones are shipping with the capability to scan QR codes and use them in a number of ways:
  • To instruct the phone’s WAP browser to visit a given URL
  • To send a predefined text message to a pre defined number
  • To encode a plain code text (competitions information etc…)
  • Probably a whole lot more!
The key problem that is solved by QR codes is clear. QR codes bridge the gap between text / traditional media and mobile. One of the major downsides with mobile browsers is that it’s so darned difficult, fiddly and time cosuming to enter a URL. With QR codes, all that is needed is a simple swipe. Source: mobilemarco.de
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welcome 2008

On 01 Jan 2008, in blog, by ricardo
music.theater splash New Year, New Look for my web presence. I wish you all a successful 2008. A year with challenging and interesting productions, Ricardo Viviani.
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Movement Analysis 2004

On 05 Jul 2004, in dancehacker, mammutMedia, by ricardo


Rotoscope images in LifeForms

Get more insight into movement by using LifeForms animation software.

As I face the task of recreating dances from 5 centuries ago based on a painting by Eckhout I traced the movements in 3D and gained a wealth of insight into this composition. If you want to know how I did it, leave a comment and I'll elaborate on it.

This software hasn't been updated in years, but it still is a powerful tool for the choreographer: LifeForms

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