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On 24 Jul 2010, in blog, by ricardo

still from quaadriduuoThe Power of Statistics

Published in April 2010 by Land NRW - Abteilung Kultur, this is a study by Sinus Sociovision GmbH of the social positioning of immigrants in Germany today. It features a large amount of pictures of the production QuaaDriDuuo, even thou it doesn't talk about it at all. It intends to be free from preconceptions and cliches. The study delivers a great amount graphical statistics making it a basic instrument for decision making. It has a strong focus on the cultural production of immigrants in Germany or as the officially correct term defines: „Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund“ *. It can be downloaded as a PDF file: Sinus-Studie_2009.pdf 6.6Mb. * The European concept 'nationality' is very different from the one in the American continent. The German language Wikipedia entry for the word Migrationshintergrund is elucidating and also makes for an amusing read defining the term 'Biodeutsch' as an antonym to immigrants.
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